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Leading the Mobile Billboard Industry for Nearly 20 years


Billboard Express mobile billboards advertising at the San Diego Convention Center

Billboard Express provides the ultimate exposure for your OOH advertisement campaigns.


Billboard Express mobile billboards advertising Save the Pool

Our mobile billboards allow us to target your specific location and unique demographic all day long.


Billboard Express mobile billboards advertising Bolt

We drive your powerful company message to your consumer any time, any place, anywhere.


Billboard Express mobile billboards advertising Harvest Crusades

Our nationwide digital mobile billboard fleet provides excellent coverage from coast-to-coast.

The Leader in Mobile Billboard Advertising

Billboard Express mobile billboards advertising United Online in Las Vegas

Unlike traditional advertising media, mobile billboards cannot be turned off, thrown out or ignored, making mobile billboard advertising an excellent marketing tool for your campaign. Our mobile billboards are also cost effective, unique and most importantly leave a lasting impression on your consumers.

With over 25 years of experience, Billboard Express Inc. has grown to be a nationally recognized outdoor mobile billboard advertising company. We offer effective, state-of-the-art mobile billboards as a creative solution to help you break through today's media cluster with High Impact, "In-Your-Face" advertising.

Client Feedback

  • “Billboard Express enabled us to target the Hispanic communities and obtain the great results we were looking for. They have gone above and beyond in their consistent efforts to promote and advertise our business.”
    Jose Guterro,
    Advertising Director, La Salsa
  • “Their mobile billboard's unique nature and ability to relocate around one site or various sites provided great exposure. Further, it allowed us to better target specific areas and demographics in a more meaningful way.”
    Robert Norris,
  • “They worked with us to ensure that we had the maximum amount of exposure and value for our advertising dollar. We have absolutely no reservations about recommending Billboard Express to others.”
    Michelle Neil,
    VP Marketing, United Online
  • “Billboard Express was instrumental in increasing our presence and brand awareness throughout the city. They were without a doubt, the most effective part of our last media campaign.”
    Steven Gallup,
    Vice President, RBP
  • “Business certainly increased considerably with many customers mentioning our mobile billboards. Dollar for dollar, the most effective advertising we've ever used!”
    James Coloway,
    Store Manager, Sports Authority
  • “The response from the public was great! We will certainly continue using their mobile billboards as part of our marketing strategy.”
    Christopher Cipolla,
    Sirius XM