Wedge 3-sided Mobile Billboard

T-Mobile Mobile Billboards

Back-Lit Wedge Mobile

  • - Three Sided
  • - Sides 10'1"H X 22'9"W
  • - Rear 6'11"H X 6'7"W
  • - External PA System
  • - Illuminated from within
  • - Perfect for night time campaigns
  • - Equipped with surround sound speakers
  • - More viewing area, additional rear exposure
  • - Capable of broadcasting your music or message

3-sided Backlit Political Mobile Billboard

Rear 3-sided Backlit Mobile Billboard

Bigger Rear Exposure

Gain that extra rear exposure with our giant Wedge mobile billboard. On the back panel of your mobile billboard you can have more wording because people tend to spend more time behind our billboard at traffic lights and cruising down the road. Call today for the largest mobile billboard.
Cox Communications Wedge Mobile Billboards