TriVision 4-sided Mobile Billboard

Trivision Mobile Billboards

Rotating Ads Mobile

  • - Four sided
  • - Sides 7' 1"H X 12' 2"W
  • - Rear 8' 1"H X 6' 3"W
  • - Front 3' 1"H X 6' 3"W
  • - Exterior illumination
  • - Target your audience
  • - 360° of repeated exposure
  • - Rotates up to 12 ads or 4 stationary ads
  • - Uses rational motion to grasp onlookers' eyes

Trivision Exposure Frontlit Mobile Billboards

Political Trivision Mobile Billboards

Eye-Catching Motion

Billboard Express, Inc. has applied tri-visional technology to its mobile billboards. The side rotates a new ad creating a wave like effect and grabbing attention. The motion and changing color of the ads draws in onlookers from every direction and causes a lock-on effect keeping attention of the viewer though a full series of rotations.
Greg Laurie Trivision Mobile Billboards