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Leading the Mobile Billboard Industry for Nearly 20 years

Digital / LED Mobile Billboard Advertising

48-State Coverage

T-Mobile Led Mobile Billboard

We have the largest digital mobile billboard fleet in the nation and are the best in the business. We're able to increase brand identity nationally, while delivering at the highest efficiency.

HD Vibrant Color

LED Digital Billboard Truck

Our 3-sided LED Digital mobile billboards are equipped with the latest in HD technology providing maximum clarity and brightness. We have the biggest rear ad exposure on the road. This additional huge rear ad increases impression counts and maximizes effectiveness.

25-Year Innovators

LED Mobile Billboard

We pioneered mobile billboards in the early 90s and have been industry innovators ever since. Our new LED ad vehicles are absolute game changers-throwing the status quo into a tizzy.

Billboard Express operates the largest Fleet of digital mobile billboard vehicles in the nation. Our state-of-the-art LED advertising vehicles grasp attention with eye-catching HD vibrant color screens. The power of narrative and emotional triggers has never been more useful than today. Audiences are always evolving, and brands and agencies are constantly looking for inventive ways to reach them. We've come together to reimagine our OOH industry and offer our rapidly evolving digital advertising mobile billboards. LED billboard trucks allow for better contextual & all-encompassing omnichannel marketing, more precise retargeting messages, and new forms of viral marketing.
OOH Disruptor - We have broken the mold of OOH advertising. Advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small-to-medium businesses have never been able to target demographics as well as today. Transparency is key to our business so we help in developing KPIs to track the success of all our advertisement campaigns.
Real-Time Engagement Mobile Billboards
Real-Time Engagement - LED billboard trucks allow for real-time dynamic content out in the world. Examples would be daily/weekly #hashtags and user-generated content, placing live updates for conference attendees, posting special photos and messages reflecting a holiday, weather, or live streaming a big event - the possibilities are endless. Increasing engagement is what we do best.
  • Increase:
  • - Campaign Impressions
  • - Brand Identity
  • - User Engagement
  • - Foot Traffic
  • - Effectiveness
  • - Effectiveness
  • - Sales!
LED Digital Billboard trucks
Cutting-Edge Technology Mobile Billboards
Cutting-Edge Technology - We've combined creativity and technology to fundamentally change the way stories are imagined. LED billboard vehicles allow brands to create customer user journeys through visual storytelling and user-generated content. Never before have brands had this much hyper-local marketing power through OOH advertising. Marketers can use GPS data to geographically target audiences and provide location-based advertising. Our full HD, crystal clear LED screens will bring any message directly into the face of your audience.