Backlit/Frontlit 2-Sided

Bowers Museum Mobile Billboard

Our traditional 2-sided mobile billboards are the best in the business. We have the LARGEST area and consistently deliver your message right to your consumers.

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Wedge 3-Sided

Boost Mobile - Wedge Mobile Billboard

The 3-sided wedge mobile billboard has the biggest rear exposure on the road. With an extra-large backend, our Wedge billboard supplies the ultimate impact.

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Tri-Vision 4-Sided

Trivision Mobile Billboard

The innovative Tri-Vision Mobile Billboard uses eye-catching rotational motion to direct onlooker's eyes right to your advertisement, capturing their attention.

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The three fleets of Billboard Express mobile billboards operate as billboards on wheels, transporting your large, eye-catching advertisements to exactly where your target audience is located, and when they are most likely to create the biggest impression. Click on a mobile billboard truck above to get more information.
Drive Your Sales UP with our mobile billboards
Drive Your Sales Up - Mobile billboard advertising is very versatile and cost-effective. This medium is an excellent tool for promoting many types of products and services such as:
Mobile Billboard GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking - Our mobile billboards are equipped with a GPS Tracking system to provide proof of performance. When you contract with us for your advertising, we provide you with a proof of performance position report or you may view it live on-line.
  • - Sales
  • - Grand Openings
  • - Specials Events
  • - Trade Shows
  • - Political Advertising
  • - Concerts
  • - Festivals
  • - Sporting Events
  • - High Traffic Areas
  • - Brand Awareness
Professional Mobile Billboard Drivers
Our Drivers - Your message and reputation is reflected when you purchase advertising on our mobile billboards. You can trust that our courteous and professional drivers will deliver your message with the highest standards. Our drivers are all professionally trained.