Campaign Tips

Planning a Successful Outdoor Mobile Billboard Campaign With Billboard Express, Inc.

We want you to get the best and the most out of using our mobile billboards because we believe you will come back for more. Below you will find a list of tips, which are a mixture of practical customer advice and years of our own advertising experience. Together they will help ensure that your billboard campaign is most successful.
1) Think of Mobile Billboards as the modern day 'Town Crier'
Set your frame of mind - imagine you've got a bell in your hand and you're standing in the middle of a busy street (much like a town crier in the olden days). What would you say to those passing by to get their attention? Remember - you've only got a few moments - so make it count!
2) Establish Your Goal
The starting point when planning your mobile billboard campaign is to establish your goals and the reasons behind booking and using a Billboard Express. Who do you want to attract? What do you want them to do? Our mobile billboards are used mainly for brand awareness and to make special announcements such as New Home Sales, Seasonal Sales, Grand Openings, Product Launches, Tactical Advertising, Back Drops for Press & TV Interviews, College Enrolment Campaigns, Sales Promotion, Car Dealerships and much more.
3) Artwork and Message
The artwork and message is especially important - when using our mobile billboards. The most successful billboards keep their message short and to the point. The less words used the better. On the back panel of your mobile billboard you can have as much wording as you like because people tend to spend more time behind our billboards when in traffic.
A short message coupled with a strong graphic relevant to the advert works best. A web site address is also important as a means of giving more information.
Billboards are message boards. For example, if you are a furniture retailer and you're having a seasonal sale, your artwork content should promote your brand/logo, the fact that you are having a sale, when and where the sale is on, and of course the all-important offer - what's in it for your perspective audience? Why should they visit your store? The picture to be used could be of a piece of furniture relevant to the offer.
Lastly avoid making your message too complicated or the artwork too intricate. Plain backgrounds with contrasting colors work best. Your designer should be able to point you in the right direction or we have graphic artists who can.
4) Billboard & Press Release Opportunities
Extra publicity can be gained by the way of press releases. Our billboards are big and imposing and a picture of your message on one of them outside an area of interest coupled with a press release will normally get you some exposure in the local and trade press. We will supply you with pictures once your campaign has finished.
5) Identify a Target Audience
Be familiar with your target demographic. Narrowing down a specific audience is critical in creating a campaign that will appeal to this target population. This should be discussed thoroughly with us prior to taking any further action.
6) Choosing the right hours & days of Operations
All too often clients will ask for generic hours like 9am to 5pm. Although the 9-5 approach will reach some of your audience, it will overlook business professionals and executives who are at work at the time. We typically operate 8 consecutive hours per day, so choose hours that best fit the needs of your campaign.
7) The Truck Must Look Good!
Even if you chose the most appealing ads and desirable routes, but the truck itself is old, dirty, or noisy, it will do no justice to your brand name. That's why we make sure all our mobile billboards are in tip-top shape and working condition. Don't make the mistake of going with old, dirty trucks of other companies.
8) Tracking Tracking Tracking
The advertiser must always be able to track a campaign. Request to track the campaign while its ongoing. This will insure that correct times and routes are enforced.
9) Size of the Ad
It's no mystery that the bigger your ad, the bigger the exposure. You should be getting your money's worth. Usually, there is no price difference between a smaller or a larger ad so opt for the largest size offered. We have the largest ad size in the business.
10) Request Pictures
Pictures of the campaign are really important. You can preview your campaign to make sure everything is to your liking before your ads hit the streets and make sure all the locations where targeted during the campaign.
11) Re-use Your Ad
We will offer to store your vinyl billboard after completion for your future use, and to avoid reprinting fees. With this in mind, try to create an ad that can be recycled and used at a later time. Please let us know if you are considering running it again so we can save it for next time.

If you need further assistance or have any questions in reference to Billboard Express mobile billboards, please don't hesitate to contact us! 877-782-7438