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How LED Trucks are Impacting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

In the dynamic realm of today’s advertising, LED trucks have emerged as a potent advertising medium, especially as brands prepare for significant events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Resurgence of Mobile Advertising

While mobile billboard advertising saw a dip in engagement earlier this year, the tide is turning, especially with the rise of LED trucks. The shift to online shopping meant fewer eyes on traditional advertising mediums. However, as the holiday season approaches, LED trucks are becoming the go-to solution for brands.

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Why LED Trucks are Gaining Momentum

Work-from-home employees and those craving social interactions represent a significant yet under-tapped audience. Post-pandemic, as people venture outside, they’re captivated by LED trucks. Their vibrant colors, dynamic fonts, and seamless transitions not only grab attention but also pique curiosity about the brand being showcased.

Reasons to Embrace LED Truck Advertising

  • Boost Holiday Sales: The holiday season, especially November and December, is crucial for retailers. LED trucks, with their eye-catching displays, can induce impulsive buying by showcasing the best deals. As Black Friday looms, having your brand prominently displayed on an LED truck ensures it’s top of mind for potential customers.
  • Expand to New Locations: If you’re launching a new store, LED mobile billboards can be a game-changer. They raise brand awareness and can be strategically placed before or after a store’s opening to maximize impact and footfall.
  • Drive Online Sales: Even if you operate solely online, LED trucks can amplify your reach. By placing these mobile billboards in high-traffic areas, you can direct more traffic to your online platforms, boosting sales, especially during the holiday shopping frenzy.
  • Utilize QR Codes: Modern LED trucks can integrate QR codes, launching augmented reality experiences tailored to specific holidays like Halloween or Christmas. This tech-savvy approach offers a personalized experience, making your brand memorable during the holiday season.

Modern Advertising Strategies

  • Interactive Campaigns: LED trucks can host interactive campaigns, allowing onlookers to participate in live polls or quizzes via their smartphones.
  • Social Media Integration: Displaying live social media feeds, testimonials, or user-generated content on LED trucks boosts engagement and trust.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: Beyond QR codes, LED trucks can serve as gateways to immersive AR experiences, offering users the chance to virtually try products or explore store interiors.


As we approach the end of the year, the potential of LED truck advertising is undeniable. They offer a blend of traditional advertising’s tangibility with the dynamism of digital platforms. Brands can craft localized, timely, and interactive campaigns, making them a must-consider during peak shopping seasons.

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