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Billboard Express
30 Years of Awarding Winning
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About Us

Billboard Express is the leading provider of mobile billboards & led digital billboard truck advertising. With over 30 years of exceptional business, we have established ourselves as the top-recognized and awarded ad truck company, known for our innovative & effective outdoor advertising solutions.

Billboard Express Advantages:

    • 30 Years of Business Excellence
    • #1 Spot in Customer Satisfaction
    • Truck Fleet in 200+ Cities
    • Tailor-Made Campaigns
    • Exceptional Value
    • 24/7 Support

Harness the impact of mobile truck advertising through our digital LED truck fleet. With vibrant visuals & captivating audio, our mobile billboards engage customers everywhere. Your campaign receives unparalleled national exposure and immersive marketing experiences.

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Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising Services

Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

30+ Year Billboard Truck Pioneer

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static vinyl mobile billboard truck

Static Billboard Truck

We have a fleet of the largest sized static mobile billboard advertising vehicles in the nation. Newest impactful advertising around.
Los Angeles mobile billboards - led truck advertising

Digital LED Billboard Truck

Our fleet of nationwide digital LED trucks are equipped with 3 HD LED screens, capable of displaying any Video, Image, Live-Stream or various other media types.
Recruitment Advertising - Mobile Billboard LED Truck Advertising

Mobile Digital Ad Truck

Our billboard ad trucks take your message to your audience. We help you break free from the constraints of traditional advertising.

Planning & Strategy

We collaborate with you to create the perfect campaign. Optimal routing & hours to suit your needs.

Audit & Evaluation

We provide Proof of Performance Reports including GPS Tracking & Campaign Photos.

Target Your Audience

Target your unique demographic and specific locations like no other media can. Impressions matter and our mobile billboards deliver results.

Brand Activation

Our advertising trucks cover every state to provide unparalleled coverage. Saturate entire markets with your brand message!

led truck media - billboard advertising
We have in-depth experience in
mobile billboard advertising

LED Billboard Advertising Trucks amplify your message.
Mobile Digital Billboards deliver results to your target audience.

Outstanding Service

30 Years of Professional
Billboard Truck Advertising

With three decades of service, Billboard Express Inc. has established itself as the premier provider of mobile billboard  advertising. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to unparalleled service for every client has resulted in the successful execution of thousands of Mobile LED Truck advertising campaigns and solidifying our reputation as the leader in the industry. 

Years of Service
Mobile Billboards
Happy Clients
Campaign Days Completed
Years of Service
Campaign Days Completed
Happy Clients
Mobile Billboard Trucks
Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising Truck
Grand Openings
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Product Launches
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Event Marketing
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Digital Billboard Ad Truck Advertising Specialists

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Mobile Billboards in Los Angeles
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Mobile Billboard Truck

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers from Our Experts

Digital billboard truck advertising utilizes LED mobile billboard trucks that display your ads. These versatile trucks can cycle through multiple messages, images, or videos, offering an engaging and adaptable way to reach your audience.

The cost of digital billboard advertising depends on the type of vehicle, the number of vehicles used, the length of the campaign, and the specific requirements of your campaign. Billboard Express provides customized quotes to match your specific advertising needs.

See our Billboard Truck Rates Page

Yes, we provide both standard and custom route options to align with your specific advertising goals, ensuring your message reaches the intended audience effectively.

Our advertising strategy involves the use of mobile trucks equipped with LED screens that display your ads. These trucks can be directed through specific neighborhoods or along custom routes to maximize exposure and audience engagement.

The initial setup cost for a digital billboard can vary significantly depending on the technology used, the billboard’s size, and its location. At Billboard Express, the setup cost is included in the overall campaign cost, which we detail in our personalized quotes.

When looking for a reputable advertising company to manage a billboard ad truck campaign, choose experienced providers like Billboard Express Inc. We offer a wide range of truck advertising options to cater to diverse campaign requirements. With over 30 years of proven success, our services are top-notch.

We offer several types of trucks: including LED (Digital) billboard trucks and traditional static (vinyl) billboard trucks to accommodate various advertising strategies.

See our Services Page for the types offered.

Booking a campaign with us is straightforward—simply contact us through our website or call us at 877-782-7438. Our team will discuss your advertising goals with you and offer a customized solution that fits your needs.

Companies often form partnerships with mobile billboard providers like us to boost their advertising impact. These collaborations can include co-branding, shared campaigns, or targeted advertising strategies, all aimed at enhancing visibility in selected markets.

Absolutely, digital mobile billboards are incredibly effective. They provide a dynamic and flexible advertising option with extensive reach. Numerous studies by OAAA indicate that mobile billboard advertising significantly outperforms traditional outdoor advertising in terms of impact, including this case study.

Though headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with offices in New York, NY, and Miami, FL, Billboard Express offers services across the entire United States. We’re the largest operator in the nation and have mobile advertising trucks in all major markets.

What sets Billboard Express apart is our vast array of truck advertising options and our proven track record of over 30 years of successful campaigns, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to excellence in digital billboard advertising.

Why Billboard Express?

  • Three Decades of Leading the Mobile Billboard Industry:
    Leveraging 30 years of business to deliver unparalleled expertise and innovative advertising solutions.
  • Award-Winning Service and Unmatched Quality:
    Recognized by OOH Industry Awards, with a customer satisfaction rating that stands above the rest.
  • Nationwide Coverage, Local Impact:
    Our fleet of 200+ billboard trucks ensures your message resonates from coast to coast.
  • Tailor-Made Campaigns for Targeted Impact:
    Each campaign is crafted to meet your unique objectives, delivering results that matter.
  • Exceptional Value at Competitive Pricing:
    Invest in a marketing solution that offers tangible ROI, making the most of every dollar.
  • Always-On Support:
    Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to ensure your campaigns run smoothly and effectively, no matter what.


Designing billboards for both sides and rear screen usually costs between $395-$695.

Rented mobile billboard trucks are usually charged by the hour, 8-hours is the standard day length but we can offer additional hours as well.

Constructing a digital billboard vehicle requires deep knowledge of LED technology and structural engineering. While Billboard Express focuses on utilizing these billboards for advertising, the manufacturing of the billboards is handled by specialized manufacturers.

The cost of your mobile billboard campaign will depend on if you choose a static or digital advertising truck, and will usually range from $800 – $3,000 per truck for a static image, and $1,200 – $3,600 per truck for a digital LED truck.

See our Rates Page for a custom free quote.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Truck
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Reach more customers with Mobile Digital (LED) Billboard Trucks. Available in all major cities nationwide.

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Product Brand: Mobile Billboard Trucks

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